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Blu Tack it’s building again
Chasing my thoughts, and exposing them to the wind
The pressure is heavier, like a penguin in the desert.
I’m exposed and vulnerable,
But this day was supposed to be wonderful.

The blue it attacks,
My thoughts, my heart, my in-between.
The light could be found, but it’s oh so dim.
I want to scream at the wind, bring my body back.
But it’s gone now, and it’s too late to change a thing.

The words are jumbled on my paper.
The pen it wanders through my brain,
Crossing out my thoughts, but only leaving pain.
The happiness it drains out into the bucket,
One blow at a time.

My brain is a thumping heart beat.
Every pulse and every movement,
Every bump and every moment.
It twists the rope a little tighter,
Making me wish I was a little lighter.

The Blu Tack is building up again,
It clogs my thoughts and the in-between
The blue it attacks, but it’s not too late,
The day is just beginning,
So I’m not choosing fate. 


I wrote this poem during exam time when I had a terrible head cold and had an exam in 3 days. I really needed to study, but my head was pounding and my body felt weak. I decided to not dwell in my circumstances but to rise above them and power through.
<![CDATA[DROOPING DAFFODIL]]>Mon, 26 May 2014 22:58:54 GMThttp://fleetingmomentcollections.weebly.com/poems/drooping-daffodil
You know I'd be there for you, no matter what. 
You know I'm here for you through the lot. 
But sometimes it's just so hard when I feel you've lost the plot. 
You seem to hear what I'm saying, 
And then choose to ignore the dots.

This road seems never ending. 
All you seem to do is circle. 
You're up, you're down, you're turning around, 
You seem to think it's normal. 

Can't you see? 
I want to guide you. 
I want to be your friend, and see you smile. 
But all you do is nod your head, 
You're making me feel insignificant. 

Really you just like my unconditional support. 
You like the way I don't flinch or get hurt. 
But little do you know my troubled friend, 
Because deep inside I'm playing pretend. 
I'm struggling to put my emotions to pen, 
And I'm struggling to see through all this red.

I'm trying to shut the curtains on my growing pain, 
I'm trying to forget that I have a hurting brain. 
I'm confused, I'm perplexed I'm a drooping daffodil, 
Because deep inside my feelings seem unfathomable. 

Can't you see the toll your problems have on me?
Can't you see that your actions can sting like a bee? 
Can't you see I love to be your friend,
But can't you see I don't like playing this pretend.

I wrote this poem when some of my friends came to me for advice and support, and then decided to do the exact opposite to what I suggested.  At first I was frustrated and annoyed, and then I realised I was actually sad and disappointed. They knew better, yet chose their feelings rather than logic. I began to feel unappreciated, but then I realised that my love for those people should be (and is) unconditional, this was just a moment where the unconditional part became a lot harder, and a lot more important. 

It's always going to be a risk when investing so much of yourself into friendships, you're bound to become disappointed, hurt or made to feel insignificant. But that's what makes friendships real, that's what makes them raw, that's what makes them relationships! We were made to be in relationship with one another, to learn how to be a friend through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy! 
<![CDATA[IT'S MORNING]]>Tue, 29 Apr 2014 05:10:03 GMThttp://fleetingmomentcollections.weebly.com/poems/its-morning
Girl you race around without thinking, 
Race around without thinking.
Around the drain you’re going 
Circulating slowly,
I see you, 
Entering a familiar road.

This time there is no difference,
All I want to do is get you,
Get you back on track,
With that same old mat,
It’s time to get a point of view.
No turning back,
To that same old track.
It’s time to spin a new tune.

You know it’s true,
He can’t be your muse.
Stop looking at the view,
Why don’t you focus on your tune,
Instead of playing with the blues.

I feel you pulling away,
It’s not hard to say you’re sorry.
You slide slowly; it’s not hard to climb back up.
Just take hold of the hand I’m holding.

Wake up, wake up, I’m calling.
Can’t you hear us mourning?
An ember burning has ignited and is hurting,
Can’t you see?

Come on, come on, you’re closer.
Like a gun without the powder.
You twist, you turn, you're damaged, you're burned,
But come on, come on,
It’s morning. 

I wrote It's Morning  last year when I saw my friend going through a rough patch, and I was finding it hard watching her make the same mistakes again. It speaks of the opportunity to start afresh, and choosing not to live in the darkness, but walking in the light. When we are in dark places during our lives we have a choice, whether to surrender to our insecurities, and our bad habits, or to be vulnerable and ask for help and support, to take the hard (but rewarding) road and to be motivated to start afresh. When our friends (or ourselves) go through these rough patches, it can be quite easy to spot. For me personally, it can make me sad to see friends and family that way, hence the line "Can't you see us mourning?" Despite being "damaged" and "burned", the time has come to wake up, reboost and reignite, because "It's morning."

<![CDATA[GLAZED EYES]]>Wed, 16 Apr 2014 08:31:26 GMThttp://fleetingmomentcollections.weebly.com/poems/glazed-eyes
‘Glazed Eyes’ is about a dysfunctional relationship that is held together by the drunken nights. When they are drinking everything is fine, but in reality once their ‘glazed eyes’ have gone they don’t really want to be with each other. They don’t want to fix their mess because they’ve fallen in love with the drunken easiness to their relationship. They are in a vicious cycle of convincing themselves everything is fine by hitting the drink.  

What will it be tonight?
Are you wrong or are you right?
Are you in or are you out?
Will you laugh or will you shout?

Will we kiss or will we fight?
Are we wrong or are we right?

I’m on the floor, you’re drinking more,
I’m doing shots, while you're doing pot
You hold my hand,
All my glazed eyes see is you.
But we are young, isn’t this what you do?

This was working out fine,
But now it’s like a mine.
Who will tread in a hole,
And who will strike gold?

It’s morning, but I’ve fallen away from you.
Last night was fun, but now my once glazed eyes are blue.
But what will it be tonight?
Let's find something to do,
The drink will ease the blues.

My hands find yours, glazed eyes returning.
Your arms pull me in,
It’s normal again.

I’m on the floor, you're drinking more,
I’m doing shots, while you're doing pot.
You hold me tight, we don’t fight tonight.

Days come and pass,
But our nights will be a hazy blast.
We can talk tomorrow baby,
But tonight let's not fight.
I just want you,
In my glazed eyes.

We’re on the floor,
Now let's drink some more.
My glazed eyes only see you.
But we are young.
This is what we do.


This is a sad song that highlights how a relationship founded on drugs and alcohol is lost. In my own life I have discovered that my friendships and relationships flourish when they are founded on love and the pursuit of showing what love is, continually putting the other person above myself. If we chose to adopt this idea of loving on our friends, and putting their needs above our own, then imagine how much greater our friendships and relationships would be!
<![CDATA[STOP BEING UNHAPPY WITH YOURSELF]]>Thu, 13 Feb 2014 09:27:21 GMThttp://fleetingmomentcollections.weebly.com/poems/stop-being-unhappy-with-youself
Stop being unhappy with yourself.
You are perfect.
Stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people liked you as much as they like someone else.
Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you.
Stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks, love them.
Without those things you wouldn't be you.
And why would you want to be anyone else?

Be confident with who you are.
It'll draw people in.
If anyone hates on you because you are happy with yourself then you flick your hand in the air and say screw it.

My happiness will not depend on others anymore.
I'm happy because I love who I am.
I love my flaws.
I love my imperfections.
They make me, me.
And 'me' is pretty amazing.

<![CDATA[LOVE IS BLIND]]>Mon, 10 Feb 2014 09:24:45 GMThttp://fleetingmomentcollections.weebly.com/poems/love-is-blind
This is just a wee story I wrote for a short story competition. It explores the emotions of an abusive relationship which is seen through the eyes of a girl blinded by love. 

My tender heart aches for a beat, anything that will engage my mind with my flaccid body. I was weak. I was pathetic. That’s what he maliciously murmured into my mourning soul. Like a menacing thorn penetrating the soft velvet of a baby’s skin, my heart tore into two. I grip onto sweet memories as if without them I would surely dissolve, like our vanished love. My distended face wears the imprint of his formidable hands, hands that I once yearned for. I cling to what was. Blood trickles from my shattered nose. I naively question, was this love? Like a malevolent serpent, his words coil around my spirit, they contort my heart and venomously contaminate my core. Did I not love him enough? Clutching to the harmonious sound of his lyrical laughter I let it ooze into the pores of my raw heart. Like a poison, love murders. 

<![CDATA[CARRY ME]]>Wed, 29 Jan 2014 09:21:04 GMThttp://fleetingmomentcollections.weebly.com/poems/carry-me
This peace will come
Soothe me now
Let me dream without blinking, let me swim without sinking
Draw me in, like a breath of air
Cover over my depths of despair

My fear is subdued
You bring me to shore
You sweeten my days,
With an endless joy 

This peace will come
I know it is so
So carry me Lord, 
Across this snow